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Wine In Moderation
"Il bronzo è lo specchio del volto, il vino quello della mente"
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Consumption of different types of alcohol and mortality.

Reference: M Gronbaek et al. Type of alcohol consumed and mortality from all causes, coronary heart disease, and cancer. Annals of Internal Medicine 2000 133: 411-419.

Source: Bandolier Journal

We know that a moderate amount of alcohol consumption is beneficial for health. What we don't know for certain is whether the type of alcohol makes a difference. This paper examines the effect of wine, beer and spirits on death from all causes, coronary heart disease and cancer.

Wine drinkers are at lower risk for all-cause mortality than non-wine drinkers. Light drinkers who avoid wine have a 10% reduced risk of all-cause mortality; those who include wine have a 34% reduced risk. Light to moderate wine consumption (1-21 glasses a week) reduces mortality from all causes, coronary heart disease and cancer. Consuming more than 22 alcoholic drinks a week (excluding wine) is associated with a 63% increased risk of cancer; if consumption includes wine the risk drops to 24%. Consuming more than 21 beer or spirit drinks a week is associated with an increased risk of mortality.